Easily change color on Barnil 2

colorful template barnil 2 for blogToday I am coming with a nice template which color is easily changeable . You know about my previous template name "Barnil 01". This new template is quite same as that. But it has some different kind of feature then that.

I didn't use any image file to decorate this template. So it will load faster in slower net connection. You may call it faster load template.

The more features on this template are:
  • A468×69 pixcel gadget box added at the right side of header. I place Google adsense thire. You may add any kind of gadget here.
  • 'Go up' button made by Google's Jquery code. So when anybody click that link blog page will go up with a smooth speed.
  • There are four (4) columns instead of 3 at the bottom of this template. Left and middle columns are bigger then right column.
  • Author commnet are different colour then visitors comment. You can change this color from blogger dashboard.
Without this features the other specification of this template are:
Now I am publishing a new attractive colorful template for blog.
Main feature:
  • 3 Columns
  • Bottom column
  • "Read more" function builtin.
  • SEO Post title enabled.
  • 'Go up' Button Builtin.
  • Any colour can be change from blogger 'Layout' section.
  • Menubar builtin
  • Blogsearch builtin
Here is a section list which color is changeable from blogger 'Layout Section'
    Page background color
    Outer background color
    Text color
    Link color
    Visited link color
    Link hover color
    Header background color
    Blog title color
    Blog description color
    Post title color
    Post title background color
    Post title hover color
    Post background color
    Border color
    Post image border color
    Post Quote left border color
    Navbar background color
    Navbar text color
    Navbar link color
    Navbar link hover color
    Navbar right border color
    Sidebar title background color
    Sidebar title border color
    Sidebar title text color
    sidebar text color
    Header 2 color
    Profile text color
    Bottom text color
    Bottom top border color
    Bottom title text color
    Bottom title border color
    Left bottom background color
    Center bottom 1 background color
    Center bottom 2 background color
    Right bottom background color
    Blog author comment background color
    Blog author comment background border color
    Footer background color
    Footer top border color
Size and Pixcel
    Header image size: 500 px
    Right side gadget box size: 470 px
    Blog post area size: 500 px
    Left Sidebar: 160 px
    Right Sidebar: 320 px
    Bottom left column size: 340 px
    Bottom middle column: 340 px
    Bottom right colum: 255 px

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