Akash 02 Template

Today I am introducing a new template named 'Akash 02' template. This template is quite different from my early template 'Akash 01'. Akash 02 have not any image file on the navigation or post title or sidebar title background. So it will load quickly on slower internet connection.

This is upper side of 'Akash 02' template

This is lower side of 'Akash 02' template

This is screenshot of page element section on dashboard. You can add any kind of HTML/ JavaScript gadget or Google adsense in every portion of your blog body.

Some Key Feature of 'Akash 02'

  • Adorsholipi font is default font. So Bangla fonts looks better in this template. If you have not any Bangla font you can download some from here.
  • There are no any image file under the 'Navigation Menubar'. I use css color code to decorate the background.
  • There are no any image file under the 'Post Title Background'. I use css color code to decorate the background.
  • There are no any image file under the 'Sidebar Title Background'. I use css color code to decorate the background.
  • I add a feed icon by the side of 'Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)'
  • 'Blog Author Comments' background will show in different color. You can change the color from the 'Color and Fonts' option of Layout section.
  • Sometimes it may look a flashy style so I hide the navbar. I did not delete it, so you can get full functionality from the navbar.

Some Information:
  • Main Background Color is soft blue.
  • Post Background is white.
  • Read more... added
  • Dropdown menu will automatically resize of the corresponding column.
  • Label Search will not show full post. It will show only post title.
  • There are a 'Navigation Menubar' under the header. Adding link in here is easy. Learn the way from this post below.
  • There are a right sidebar.
  • 3 Column on Bottom.
  • A bigger footer column.
  • You can add "Google Adsense" anywhere in the blog body. Beside header, beside post body, sidebar, bottom column etc. That means this template is 'Adsense Ready'
  • 'Quote' color can be changed from default color and font settings.
You can change the colors from the default Color and Font changing options are:
  • Page BAckground Color
  • Text Color
  • Link Color
  • Blog Title Color
  • Blog Description Color
  • Post Title Color
  • Post Title Hover Color
  • Post Quote Color
  • Author Comment Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Sidebar Title Color
  • Post Date Color
  • Footer and Bottom Header Color
  • Sidebar Text Color
  • Visited Link Color
  • Template width: 885 px
  • Main post width: 570 px
  • Sidebar width: 305 px

Size of Bottom columns are:
  • Left column: 350 pixel
  • Middle column: 290 Pixel
  • Right column: 220 pixel
* Change 'Navigation Menubar' Links from the way below. Look at the picture:
  • In 'Edit HTML' section search <div id="navigation"> line
  • Change the links below this line <div id="navigation">
This template also posted in my Bangla blog. Link

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Wayward ۞ne said...

You seem to be quite a tech savvy person. Nice pages you've made. I wonder where you study!


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