Darkest template 'Maya' 01

Today I am going to publish a dark template called 'Maya'. This is the first template of 'Maye' series. The main specialty of this template is there are some different place where you can add different type of gadgets. You can call it 7 column template. If you use only sidebar then it will be 2 column template. If you use sidebar and post bottom columns then you can call it 4 column template. If you use all columns then you can call it 7 column template. So you can add "Google Adsense" in various place or this template.

Main features:
  • One right side column
  • This column start from upper side of blog.
  • There are two column just beneath the post area.
  • At the footer panel there are three more column.
  • Main background color is dark blue-black.
  • Background of post area is dark blue.
  • Sidebar color is dark green.
  • Blog width 885 pixel.
  • Post page width 540 pixel.
  • Right sidebar width is 335 pixel.
  • Post bottom columns are 255 pixel both.
  • Footer columns are 250px, 240px and 350px.
Built in features:
  • Read more hack with post summery.
  • SEO title.
You can change the colors below from default blogger system:
  • Text Color
  • Post Body Link Color
  • Blog Title Color
  • Blog Description Color
  • Body Image Border Color
  • Sidebar Text Color
  • Post Body Visited Link Color

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My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,

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